Realm Details

Realm Events

Each year during the event season the realm regularly hosts events and welcomes all walks of life to join in on the festivities and field battles.

Master at Arms Tournament (Quarterly)
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Mercenaries for Hire (April)
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Fall Event (Sept/Oct)

Winter Event (December)

Pre-Registration for Events – To assist our wonderful EC (event coordinators), we offer everyone the chance to sign-up early for our events. Sometimes this allows for folks to get a chance to win prizes at certain events. While we do allow early sign-ups, there is no requirement of any up-front payment for signing-up early for most events.

Event Volunteering – With each event comes much needed help to run everything smoothly. We have created a simple signup sheet for anyone, inside or out, of the realm, that wishes to lend a helping hand.

Waivers – Every event, practice, fighters meet, etc, requires that everyone sign a waiver of liability to participate in any of the combat. Some events may require ALL participants to sign as well due to the nature of some battles (and even flying projectiles). Luckily, we have created a simple and effective way to allow participants to fill out a digital waiver form. This allows us to keep our records further more private and accurate.

Unit Details

Midgard – Realm/Chapter (Kentucky, USA)

[Practice Days] Monthly – Once a month the entire realm gets together to meet, and cross swords with one another. Each practice is rotated across each unit of the realm and hosted on their home parks. Scheduled days are posted in the calendar.

Tribes of the Stormlands
Lexington, KY

[Practice Days]
Weekly – Sunday’s @ 12p-5p
Kirklevington Park
396 Redding Rd,
Lexington, KY 40517

Viking Scouts
Winchester, KY

[Practice Days]
Weekly – Sunday’s @ 12p-5p
College Park
15 Wheeler Ave,
Winchester, KY 40391

Silent Hand
Danville, KY

[Practice Days]
Weekly – Saturday’s @ 12p
Millenium Park
Cunningham Dr,
Danville, KY 40422