A Brief History

Not very long ago….

Starting in July 2016, the realm was created by a handful of fighters based in the Lexington, KY area by forming the initial unit, Hastings Hellfighters. This unit was created by Nick “Kaden” Hendrickson and Beth “Brenna” Fountain. During this first year they attended LexPlay in Lexington and began recruitment. By the end of the year, a dozen fighters had joined the realm and unit and began preparations for its first round of event season.

In 2017, the group grew more every month. By Ragnarok, Dagorhir’s largest event each year, the unit had almost 30 fighters to call home. After Ragnarok, the realm began to find new ways of recruitment and started joining events that were not related to Dagorhir. By October of the same year, an event was re-created in Lexington known as Pagan Pride. During this event, we welcome a new group of fighters who later formed a new unit within the realm, known as the Viking Scouts.

By the end of 2017 and during the events of Winter War in South Carolina, an election was held and the choice of new leadership was created and with it a new future was born within the realm. Once leaders were chosen by all realm members, plans began to host our first event were underway to usher in a new beginning.

April of 2018, first year for the event known as Mercenaries for Hire had begun, and began to make some noise across Dagorhir. With a realm, not well known, drew in a very successful first event, and with it, excitement of the had grown and recruitment for new members was well underway in the new season of Dagorhir. Just after the event, plans were written the next day for more events to be had. By the end of 2018, we had held the Viking Scouts first event, The Tavern Brawl, and kicked off a new quarterly event known as the Master at Arms Tournament.

Since then, the realm continues to grow and with it comes new formations. Within the Lexington area, two new units were created, The Silent Hand, and shortly after The Tribes of the Stormlands.

As we begin our journey into 2019, we look forward to more people to join our realm and its units. We look forward to seeing new people on the battlefield of tomorrow.

-Kaedris, Leader of the Silent Hand Unit