Midgard LARP
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All Dagorhir Rules are intended for the enjoyment and safety of our participants. Dagorhir attributes our nationwide success to our sense of priorities behind our rules: safety, playability, and realism. All weapon safety guidelines and combat rules are stringently enforced at all times. This keeps the injuries to a minimum and keeps the fun fun. Rules are kept as simple as possible, to keep battles exciting and fast-paced, and to keep the system easy to learn. Though realism is plays a role, safety and playability are far more essential. Dagorhir’s system is a proven success after more than 30 years of play-testing.

Detailed below is the current “Manual of Arms”

(This Manual of Arms (MOA) is a summary of the Dagorhir rules. This version includes clarifications and decisions from the Ragnarok War Councils through 2013. The Manual of Arms was originally based on the 1988 Dagorhir Aratari Manual of Arms which was, in turn, a distillation of the rules contained in the 1980 Dagorhir Handbook (Library of Congress Catalog Card Number TXu 50-026). This MOA is included under the copyright to the New Millennium Dagorhir Handbook (Library of Congress Catalog Number Txu 1-102-610). Numbering has been added for reference purposes.

Dagorhir is a very physical sport. While serious injuries are very rare, minor injuries such as bruises, muscle strains, and skinned knuckles can result from being hit by Dagorhir weapons and/or tripping, accidentally smashing one’s hand into that of another participant, or running into a tree, etc.)