Midgard LARP

Units/Fighting Groups/Raiding Parties…

These are the groups that play within the Midgard LARP game and have created official banners for themselves. In this LARP everyone who plays is a Midgardian. You can join these groups at will, start your own team, or just be. All are welcome to join in the fun at playing within this LARP.

Some of these groups will meet regularly and some will meet at larger more official hosted events. Check out the groups we have below and some of their details.

Unit Details

Viking Scouts
Winchester, KY

[Regular Meetups]
Weekly – Sunday’s @ 12p-5p
College Park
15 Wheeler Ave,
Winchester, KY 40391

Silent Hand
Danville, KY

[Regular Meetups]
Weekly – Saturday’s @ 1230p
Millennium Park
Cunningham Dr,
Danville, KY 40422

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